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Hobbs and Shaw

Dneg Breakdown

With Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw I had the privilege to work as Creature Lead TD with one of the most talented team I could possibly desire.


We showcased our talent across multiple disciplines of CFX, hair and cloth, Muscle Deformations and last but not least Mechanical Rigs.

I had the opportunity to work close with DFX, CG and VFX Supervisors on the daily basis.


This increased my skills and allowed me to improve even more.


Hobbs and Shaw has been my last show as Creature Lead TD as I’ve been promoted as CG Creature Supervisor.

Avengers End Game

Dneg Breakdown

Since I started my career in the VFX industry, I always wanted to work on a Marvel show!


This dream came true multiple times during my career working with different teams in different companies.


Working on Avengers End Game and be able to contribute as Creature Lead TD to wrap this big chapter has been such an amazing pleasure and honor.

Thor Ragnarok

Show 'N Tell

Thor Ragnarok has been an amazing project I had the pleasure to work on as Rigger TD at Framestore (London)


I spent most of my time focusing on Muscle deformation and skin simulation, working on multiple hero Characters.

It has been for sure the project that gave me the most, pushing my skills even further!


Here my Thor Ragnarok Reel!

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