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Complete Anatomy By 3D4Medical

Hello guys!

Today I would like to share with all of you an amazing iOS iPad App, I'm talking about Complete Anatomy made by 3D4Medical.

This App is a great platform for medical students and medical professionals, that bring anatomy to life and transforming interactive learning to an exciting new level. But let's see how this platform can help VFX Artists, Here there's a list of the major interesting features:

  • 3D Male Model (Female will be added this summer)

  • Skeletal Full Body Layers: Featuring bone parts, bone surfaces and muscle origin/insertion points.

  • Isolate Region: Easily view selected Body Regions.

  • Animate Muscles: Visualize muscle movements for each articulation directly on the 3D model.

  • Multi-select: Select multiple structures with our capture tool and view them in isolation mode.

  • Explode/Assemble: Capture multiple structures and use the button "explode" to better understand complex relationships.

Let's talk a bit more about an amazing killer feature, Muscle Motion.

Sometimes can happen to have a real clear vision regarding origins and insertions of one specific muscle but without having the general motion behaviour idea.

Now thanks to the feature Muscle Motion we have the possibility to isolate this muscle and play some animation, thanks to this feature and the 360 view we will be able to have a more precise overview about the behaviour!

I tried this feature myself and since then I always use that when I need to know or double check my current 3D muscle deformation. Here there is a video to show you this feature in action.

Of course that is really a small overview about this app and my suggestion is to download it (Free from AppStore) and unlock (just 39.90 pound) all the gorgeous features. I'm sure Character Modelers and Character Riggers will enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!


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