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My #BigDay

Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to share some memories with you about another amazing experience: the BigDay 2017 as Framestore speaker. :)

  • BIGDAY, 16th September 2017, 10 o’clock

william gabriele character rigger td framestore speaker at the bigrock bigday

During this day, I had the privilege to meet and work for the first time with Amy Smith (Head of Talent at Framestore). Since the beginning I felt she was unique and talented, we built a nice link and we started our recruitment session together.

We both spent time with so many students!! They shared with us their dreams and we, from our side, shared with them how Framestore make those dreams come true.


During the afternoon I had my speech. I presented my work on 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them'.

I would like to share something a bit personal with you: I never prepared any start or end of my speech, talk or presentation..

I don’t know why! To be honest, that gives me a strange feeling of freedom. The freedom that allowed me to finish my speech down from the stage, where I would be more close with all these students and dreamers present this day.

william gabriele character rigger td framestore speaker at the bigrock bigday

“.. Will arrive those days when things don’t work, when no-one believes in you, or even worst: when you start to not believe anymore in yourself.

Unfortunately, those days will arrive, but when they come, start to look at yourself in the mirror, look what you achieved and look how long was your journey until this point and react! Because if you think to give up now, realise that you had to do that a long time ago!

So stand up, fight and go to take what’s yours.”

I ended up like this my speech after the Q&A. :) As I said, it was not prepared at all, but that helped everyone to be even more motivated.


After a lot of words….. well, time to party! BigRock organised an amazing party with free food and an amazing free and unlimited prosecco :)

Everything was awesome, I had time to talk with a lot of students in a more informal way and was truly remarkable for me. I found a lot of nice people and new friends. Is not easy to share how happy I was in words so I will use the following picture :)

william gabriele character rigger td framestore speaker at the bigrock bigday

In conclusion, I would like to thank BigRock and Framestore that allow me to be there and another big THANK YOU to all the beautiful people who made this BigDay even more special!

See you soon and ROCK ON!



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