Models in Motion: Video Reference for Artists by Proko

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you this reference library - Models in Motion: Video Reference for Artists by Proko.

If you are a Vfx Artist or a student interested in anatomy and figure drawing, I'm sure you will know Stan Prokopenko.

Here some links:

Youtube Channel:

Proko Website:

Couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to watch some tremendous video references from Proko. These aren’t just regular model sets, these are videos showing models moving and flexing. Great for studying the forms, body articulation and anatomy.

As you know is crucial to have really accurate references when we work or study.

This bundle contain:

Male and Female Videos (Anthony, Mallory, Laura, and Ryan. With Free DeAngelo Bonus)

35 Total Videos + Screenshots (Instant download)

You can also buy each single package - my favorite one for muscle sliding and flexing is the following one:

Models in Motion for Artists: Anthony

Thanks again for your time and ROCK ON!

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