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Anatomy360 - 3D Scanned Reference for artists

Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to share with you all a brand new platform that will change the way you study and use references. I'm talking about Anatomy 360 made by Ten24.

Studying from 2D references is not always ideal, Anatomy 360 allow you to view 3D photographic references, you will be able to rotate, change between sets of poses, light and shade the model exactly how you want it.

To give you a more clear overview of this platform and all the related features let me show you this video:

I had the opportunity to try this platform with different bundles, in my opinion, is an absolute must have for all those artists who are looking for an easy solution to observe and study, the human figure.

In the Shop section of the website you'll find all the Motion Packs, with different prices based on License type. My favorite one is for sure the Male Range of Motion Pack

Thanks to this 3D reference, to understand and study from different angles the Scapula behavior is no longer a problem. Also muscle like the Coracobrachialis and the armpits area in general are easier to analyze.

I really suggest to have a look to all the Motion Packs to find the most appropriate for your study needs.

I think a really good exercise would be to choose a pose, activate the amazing Dynamic Sketch Mode feature and once saved the image start to draw muscles on top and try to find the proper attach point with a consistent layout.

I'm sure new Motion Packs will arrive very soon and I hope to find additional and new Range of Motions.

Thanks for your time.



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